Citi Bike Station at Canal and Rutgers Street Will Be Temporarily Removed Today

starus square may 2017

Here’s a service alert from Citi Bike. The station at Canal and Rutgers Street will be temporarily removed today.

As previously reported, the station is being taken off line in preparation for the resurfacing of Straus Square. The city’s Department of Transportation is turning the area into a pedestrian plaza. You can read more about that here.

The station, according o Citi Bike, will be out of service for about a month. It will either be re-installed in the same location of at another nearby location.

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Man Goes After Wife With Cleaver on Canal Street; Firefighters Intervene

The scene on Canal Street. Photo via Jon Weinstein/NY1 twitter feed.

A dramatic scene unfolded on Canal Street yesterday morning, as a man swinging a meat cleaver went after his wife in a brief but terrifying attack. Fortunately firefighters from Engine 9, Ladder 6, located right across the street from 74 Canal, where the incident happened, rushed in to help.

They quickly tackled the man but the woman, 24-year old Jinyia You, fled.   She was later found and taken to Bellevue Hospital with cuts on her face and back.  According to the Post, firefighters Jose Ortiz and Jesse Trainor heard the couple yelling at each other just before 10:30 a.m. “While we were working on the rigs getting ready for our day tour, I saw a man dragging a woman who was crying and screaming down the street,” Ortiz said. “Once I got closer, the man starts hacking at the woman. He hits her six, eight, maybe 10 times. So, we [he and Trainor] bum-rush him and get him against the fence.”

Intercity Buses Curbed on the LES Last Night as Safety Crackdown Continues

East Broadway and Rutgers streets; November 27, 2011, 10:15 p.m.

A TLD tipster drew our attention last night to the intersection of East Broadway and Rutgers street. He told us a commuter tour bus had been “pulled over and taken out of commission.” As passengers unloaded, he said, the bus remained idling (for 10 minutes or so) and it blocked the pedestrian crosswalk.

We arrived on the scene shortly after 10 p.m.  Inspectors from the State Department of Transportation were there, telling passengers that the bus would not be going anywhere for at least eight hours.  There was a sticker on the windshield that read, “this vehicle may not be operated by anyone who is not in compliance with all hours of service criteria.” 

Police, Feds Crack Down on Discount Bus Operators

Near Essex & Canal, Saturday afternoon. Photo by Brifget Bosworth.

New York City police and federal transportation agents spent most of the day on Canal Street, pulling over interstate bus drivers for spot inspections. They stopped dozens of buses at various locations throughout the city last week, in the aftermath of the deadly bus accident in the Bronx.

The photo above was taken by Lo-Down contributor Bridget Bosworth, shortly before 3pm. This morning, we noticed more buses pulled to the side of the street, on both Canal and Division. Employees of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation were both on the scene.

Canal and Division streets, this morning.


Neighborhood Groups Work to Boost Little Italy, Chinatown Foot Traffic

In his 20 years as a small businessman in Little Italy, Joe Maino has learned a few things. The owner of several accessory shops along Mulberry Street, he knows most of his customers are visitors from someplace other than New York City. He also knows his stores are almost totally dependent on foot traffic.

Scenes From the Neighborhood

L.E.S. Street

Photographer Stephen Spera sent us these lovely photos after a bike ride through the L.E.S.  Here’s what he had to say:

I took a long bike ride through the LOWER EAST SIDE today. Incredible and embarrassing, as I live FOUR blocks from it….or  IN it, according to your point of view. The geography shifts daily, as do many things in New York. I particularly went in search of the old Hasidic LES, where decades of gorgeous decay turned signage into art.  SO much was gone, I couldn’t believe it.