Why Save Gulick Park?

Across the city on Saturday, residents who care about open space will be celebrating “It’s My Park Day.”   In our neighborhood, the Friends of Gulick Park have all kinds of fun activities planned, including pumpkin painting, bulb planting and a ping pong tournament. You can get more information on the group’s web site.

In the past year, the Friends of Gulick Park has made amazing progress towards their goal: giving this neglected space in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge a major face lift.  We asked one of the organization’s main organizers, Brian Crowley, to explain why the project is important to him:

My L.E.S. – Brian Crowley

Brian Crowley in Gulick Park

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What do you do?

Currently, I’m a stay-at-home dad with my 7-month-old son; he came along at the right time, just as I was opting out of a philosophy doctoral program and academic life. So I do funny faces, funny sounds, and more generally help him explore his place in the world. To keep busy with ‘more adult’ things, I’ve been volunteering with The Friends of Gulick Park and with the core-group developing The Lower East Side Food Co-op.