You’re Invited: SPaCE Block Association Meets Tonight

CB3 Members Discuss New Block Association Rules; Vote Delayed One Month

Last night, Community Board 3 once again took up the contentious issue of its relationship with neighborhood block associations.

CB3 Declines To Reverse LES Dwellers Decision; Policy Revamp Ahead

Community Board 3 rejected a proposal last night to rescind the suspension of the LES Dwellers, a neighborhood organization, but Chairperson Gigi Li said she would convene a group to draft new policies governing how the board deals with block associations.

Community Board 3 Spells Out Procedures For Block Associations

Recently Community Board 3 sent a survey to neighborhood block associations and followed up with a letter outlining various procedures these groups should follow.  Block associations deal with lots of different issues — their organizing efforts to oppose, or at least to restrict, liquor license applications at bars and restaurants being the most high profile.

According to the letter, CB3 has updated its list of block associations following Hurricane Sandy, when communication with local residents was all but impossible. It became apparent that the board’s contact list was really out of date, partly due to the fact that local organizations tend to come and go in response to various “hot button issues” on specific blocks. Keeping updated information is a challenge. CB3 typically refers liquor license applicants to block groups.  The same goes for film production studios looking to shoot in the neighborhood, as well as organizations applying to hold block parties.