Lower East Side Galleries Push for More Visitors

Hoping to encourage more foot traffic, gallery owners Leslie Heller and Bart Keijsers Koning recently kicked off the inaugural L.E.S. Art Week, featuring exhibits at local galleries with a special emphasis on female artists or groups of female artists.

Laura Olivieri Robles took a closer look at some of the reasons for the decrease in gallery visitors in New York. This video was produced as part of our ongoing collaboration with New York City News Service for our Lower East Side Voices video series. She writes:

Galleries play a key role in the art world but art commercialization may change that. LES galleries are fighting to stay relevant with their inaugural LES Art Week celebrated last month.

Gallery Hop: Lesley Heller Workspace & James Fuentes

David Storey - Old Turtle, 2009 oil on canvas 16" x 20" - at Leslies Heller Workspace through Nov. 27th, 2011 (photo courtesy of Leslie Heller)

Lower East Side galleries including Lesley Heller Workspace and James Fuentes debuted provocative new shows last night.

Lesley Heller’s Head Case makes a case for crazy. Curated by painter and guest curator Laurel Farrin, Head Case posits that madness isn’t so bad really, affirming what we’ve known all along: Being a little off-kilter stirs the imagination, invites strange machinations and stimulates creative visions all of which, by the way, open the possibility for transformation. Occasionally, it’s been harnessed to produce great art. Farrin plays with the double meaning of head case -– it’s a term coined to cover a crazy person, yes, but also is used to describe the part of a chrysalis that covers a developing insect’s head. (We didn’t know that…!)