Educational Alliance Art School: Community Arts and Creativity on the LES (Sponsored)

Thomas Legaspi - Artist in gouache, inks, acrylic and oil.

Thomas Legaspi – Artist in Gouache, inks, acrylic and oil.

Educational Alliance Art School at Manny Cantor Center is gearing up for Spring and Summer Sessions filled with creativity, expression, and inspiration. Limited-time discounts for new students are available now!

We talked to our instructors to find out what motivates them to share their creativity, and how community arts programs enhance student learning:

Thomas Legaspi

Painting in Acrylic & Oil | Thursdays | 10AM-12:30PM | 4/11– 6/13 | $375

“Sharing and exchanging lessons about creativity is what I love about teaching art. I primarily am an oil painter, however I use frequently Gouache, acrylic, watercolors and common drawing mediums such as charcoal, graphite and color pencil.

In a community setting such as MCC, students truly are there to experience and discover their own creativity unencumbered with other factors such being evaluated for a grade, or to fulfill scholastic requirements. It’s personal and recreative.

I hope students feel fulfilled and leave my class with more knowledge, confidence and excitement about their creative potential than when they started.”

Learn more about Thomas’s work, or sign up for his class here.



Liz Lohr

Adult Ceramics | Sundays | 10:30AM – 1PM | 4/7 – 6/23 | $475

Teen Ceramics | Wednesdays | 4 PM-6PM | 4/10 – 6/19 | $350

“I love teaching ceramics because I believe it connects people to the earth and each other in an uncommon way. We use natural elements and mimic the geological processes of our planet. We reshape the earth with our hands.

Ceramics is a medium for those who will never stop learning. I call my ceramics career my practice as a way to keep close the truth that there is always room to learn and improve, and that this is a journey. Teaching is a way for me to share that journey with others.

When you’re designing work that is functional, there is an inherent need to understand how a others will use what you make. Community centers invite all abilities and ages as makers. This sharing community allows artists with different abilities and viewpoints to see and learn the needs of design for a much more expansive audience.”

See more of Liz’s work and learn about her class here.


Evan Hagan

Adult Ceramics

Tuesdays | 10AM – 12:30 PM | 4/9 – 6/11 | $475

Thursdays | 10AM – 12:30PM | 4/11 – 6/13 | $475

Fridays | 10AM – 12:30PM | 4/5 – 6/21 | $475

What I love about teaching is recognizing when one of my students has an “AHA!” moment. You can actually see the moment it clicks in their brain and the pure excitement of learning something new registers on their face. It never gets old!

I am a ceramist, and illustrator. In a way teaching others about ceramics allows me to experience the material for the first time again. And that forces me to deconstruct a lot of the techniques that, after 16 years, I’ve begun to take for granted. This helps me better understand the technical aspect of the material for myself, and allows me to find better ways of describing those techniques to my students.

My goal for every class is to instill in my students a sense of wonder and appreciation for the creative arts. And to help develop in each student an ability to express themselves creatively.

Evan Hagan is Educational Alliance Art School’s Studio Manager and Artist in Residence. Learn more about Evan’s work and classes here.

Jaleh Fazel

Adult Ceramics | Wednesdays | 10AM – 12:30PM | 4/10 – 6/12 | $475

Being in a classroom with an audience helps me to focus on presenting different techniques in a way that will help the students realize their goals. Ultimately the artist is in them—and that is a learning process for me, because sometimes I need to research in order to better answer the specific question.

My teaching experience has been in university settings, private ceramic studios, high schools, and as a studio potter working and teaching privately. Teaching at an organization like MCC has been rewarding in many ways, especially through the comradery, and the many interesting and interested participants that walk into the studio.

What I hope to achieve at the end of each semester is to leave a group of people who take home not only their art and a sense of accomplishment, but an experience that will motivate them to continue working with the humble clay!

See more of Jaleh’s work and learn about her class here.

To see our full list of Spring course offerings, and learn about Educational Alliance Art School at Manny Cantor Center, visit You can also take advantage of limited time discounts by visiting our website.

Plus, stay tuned for more information about upcoming workshops in embroidery, fluid painting, and jewelry making coming soon!

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Sponsored Post: Upcoming Events and Workshops at Manny Cantor

ATD at Manny Cantor

Brought to you by the Educational Alliance Art School at Manny Cantor Center.  Join us for one or all!

More information is here.


A survey of Lower East Side Artists | February 12 – April 1, 2015

Curated by Yona Verwer and Linda Griggs

Opening Reception | 2/12 | 7-9PM
This show is a survey of current Lower East Side artists — those still engaged in a forever changing and a forever the same neighborhood; of those still making art, all together, different. | RSVP HERE.

Paint your Partner or Pal at Manny Cantor


Saturday | 2/14 | 1:30-4PM | $85 | materials included

Paint a portrait of your partner or bestie on Valentine’s Day! Show your feelings through your personal technique & leave with a creative memento. Workshop time allows for one portrait per couple. Open to all levels. Limited to 8 couples. REGISTER HERE.

chinese-calligraphy at Manny Cantor


Saturdays | 2/21, 2/28, 3/7 | 2-3:45PM | $165, materials included

Learn the art of Chinese calligraphy in this hands-on, 3-session workshop where you will write & take home good luck characters. Chinese language skill is not required. Open to all levels. REGISTER HERE.


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Sponsored Post: Educational Alliance Art School Early Registration Extended!

Educational Alliance Art School


Happy New Year!

Educational Alliance Art School kicks off its inaugural term on January 12 at the Manny Cantor Center with inspiring, fun-inducing courses in Collage, Ceramics, Drawing, Jewelry Design, Painting, Sculpture and more. REGISTER TODAY and save on enrollment!

How will you get creative?

Students focus on the portrait as subject while developing their drawing skills and singular style. Learn the fundamentals of anatomy, proportion, line and value to capture the sitter’s features and personality. Students develop techniques to draw what they see using measurement, contour and gesture drawing.

Explore the centuries-old tradition of landscape painting by learning basic techniques to achieve atmospheric perspective and the rendering of light and space. Focused group exercises and instructor demonstrations help students complete paintings ranging from Master studies to original compositions to photographs.

This course is ideal for students who want to create and draw short stories, novel-length stories, newspaper comics, super hero comics or Manga. Students use a variety of techniques such as penciling, inking, shading, perspective, character design, anatomy and effective story structure.

For complete schedule and to register go here.



Sponsored Post: Unleash Your Inner Artist, Abrons Classes Open This Week

Abrons Arts Center’s classes and workshops offer progressive, experiential learning opportunities for students at all levels of artistic development.

Sponsored Post: Registration Now Open For Abrons Arts Center Fall Classes

Lisa has been taking ballet classes since she was a kid, so there wasn’t much doubt after moving to Grand Street a few years ago, she’d be searching out a place to dance on the Lower East Side.  The fact that she ended up at the Abrons Art Center is not all that surprising. A Broadway stage manager, Lisa was well aware of both the institution’s current reputation for cutting edge performing arts as well as its important place in the history of New York theater.

For the past three years, she’s been coming to Abrons in search of personal fulfillment and some exercise. But as a new mom, Lisa also appreciates that her two young children can take dance, piano and painting classes at the center, too.

For many generations, people  of all ages have been coming to Abrons for first-rate instruction in the performing and visual arts. Martha Graham, Aaron Copland, Dizzy Gillespie, Alwin Nikolais, Jackson Pollock, Orson Welles, Morgan Freeman (and more recently) Alicia Keys are among those who have taught or performed in its historic Grand Street theater.

Lisa was initially impressed by the level of professionalism exhibited by Abrons’ instructors.  But other factors, including the convenience of taking classes across the street from her home and the center’s strong ties in the community, have kept her coming back.

One advancement Lisa was especially glad to see this year: online enrollment!  Registartion is now open for the fall semester. There are classes available for all ages (from toddlers to seniors) and all skill levels.  You can look over the many course offerings on the Abrons Arts Center’s web site.  Register online or call 212-598-0400, ext. 200.