American Realness Festival Season 7 Kicks Off Tonight

Yvonne Meier, Durch Nacht und Nebel. Meier will present a U.S. premier of her latest work at the 2016 American Realness Festival. Photo by Eric McNatt.

Yvonne Meier, Durch Nacht und Nebel. Meier will present a U.S. premier of her latest work at the 2016 American Realness Festival. Photo by Eric McNatt.

The cutting edge American Realness dance and performance festival is kicks off its seventh consecutive season at Abrons Arts Center with sold out performances (tickets for the 10pm show are still available) and a champagne toast.

The festival, founded by curator and producer Ben Pryor, has come a long way since it began as a three day festival, held in one theater, at Abrons.  It is offered in conjunction with APAP (the annual Association of Performing Arts Presenter’s Conference) and is now recognized as a major international contender that runs for eleven days, utilizing all three theaters at Abrons, as well as some off-site venues at places like PS 1 and MoMA.

Over the last few years, Pryor has presented an array of artists on a shoestring budget including Miguel Gutierrez, Trajal Harrell, Ann Liv Young, Eleanor Bauer, Jack Ferver, Liz Santoro, DANCENOISE, Jillian Peña, Big Dance Theater, Big Art Group and Keith Hennessy to name a few. Pryor has also expanded the programming to include workshops, talks, parties, events, and the work of a few international artists each year.

“Artists are really doing this for the exposure, because they believe in it and they’re hungry for the opportunity to show the work in front of so many other professionals,” Pryor told me in an interview.

“I never really expected this thing to keep going as it has, but I think part of why it’s still going is because it has really filled this need that existed, so now, just trying to support it better is the next step,” he said.

Pryer said he is excited about a lot of new work being presented this year, including a world premiere from Jillian Pena that is a new duet for Bessie Award nominees Alexandra Albrecht and Andrew Champlin, and a U.S. premier from one of New York’s favorite downtown dance maestros, Yvonne Meier.

Learn more about the festival and buy tickets here.

American Realness Festival 2014 Opens Tomorrow

The American Realness Festival has continued to gain momentum since its inception at Abrons Arts Center in 2010.

Arts Watch: Winter Theater & Dance Festivals Kick Off 2013

Body Cartography Project with Zeena Parkins will premier at this year’s American Realness Festival. Photo by Gene Pittman.

2013  is off to an incredible “art start” here on the L.E.S. with three theater festivals kicking off this week.  A few blocks north, The Public Theater’s annual Under The Radar Festival (UTR), now in its ninth year, opens on Wednesday and runs through January 20th. UTR is known for its mostly international lineup of new and experimental work by ensembles, solo artists and independent writers. If you want a crash course in exciting independent theater, The Public is the place to be this week.  A highlight for me is the return of the remarkable Belarus Free Theatre, a radical human rights based company devoted to resistance of the current Belarus political regime.

American Realness Returns to Abrons

Thomas Benjamin Snapp Pryor’s American Realness Festival is back at Abrons for it’s second year with a line-up of heavy-hitters in the contemporary dance/performance scene. This year’s 5-day program is described as a “festival of new dance and contemporary performance… a platform for the other-ed, experimental and subversive American artists tearing at the boundaries of their form in pursuit of new research and artistic production.”

Many people have taken note, including Claudia La  Rocco at the New York Times and David Velasco at Artforum, who included last year’s festival in his “Best of Dance 2010.”