CB3 Votes in Support of Delancey Street Co-Naming for Dashane Santana

Dashane Santana, a 12-year-old girl killed by a vehicle at the intersection of Delancey and Clinton Streets in January.

Tuesday night’s Community Board meeting saw progress in efforts to co-name the north side of the intersection of Delancey and Clinton Streets for Dashane Santana, a 12-year-old girl killed in a traffic accident at the crosswalk in January. The board voted in overwhelming support for the co-naming, citing Santana’s tragic death as the impetus for improved safety measures that the city is currently implementing at the site of the accident.

Previously, CB3’s transportation committee had supported the co-naming after receiving more than 300 signatures from residents of the area immediately surrounding the dangerous intersection. The lone member of CB3 to oppose the measure, Morris Faitelewicz, said that co-naming had become too frequent in recent years on the Lower East Side.

The City Council now weighs in on the co-naming proposal.

Teenage Girl Killed on Delancey Street

A 12-year old girl was killed on Delancey Street this afternoon, after being struck by a Toyota Sienna minivan. It happened around 3:30 p.m. as the Castle Middle School student was heading north on Clinton Street with a group of friends.  According to Gothamist, she was rushed to Downtown Hospital, but there was nothing doctors could do. More from Gothamist:

One witness, a friend of the victim, says, “We were crossing the street and the light changed real quick. She started going, and then she stopped, but she tripped. The van hit her twice. The first time it hit her, then when it stopped and realized that it hit her, it hit her again.” Another student, who said she was the girl’s best friend, says, “The crossing guard didn’t even do anything they kept on waving cars through, telling them to go. You see the blood on the ground? That’s where it hit her.” The girl’s friend was extremely distraught and crying, but fortunately her mother soon arrived.