Bicyclist Killed by Driver on East Houston Street Last Night

Photos by Sara Brittany Somerset.

Photos by Sara Brittany Somerset.

Editor’s note: Reporting for this story was provided by Sara Brittany Somerset.

There was a fatal traffic accident on East Houston Street near Pitt Street last night. It happened around 10 p.m. A bicyclist was struck by a driver in a station wagon. The force of the collision sent the bike flying into the air. It landed inside the center island on East Houston Street. The contents of a large bag of food the victim was apparently carrying were strewn on the pavement. The driver stayed on the scene. Police say “there is no apparent criminality,” meaning charges are not expected to be filed.

UPDATED 9:59 A.M. The victim was 61-year old Shan Zheng, who lived in Ossining, in Westchester County.  The driver was behind the wheel of a livery cab. Zheng was on Pitt Street, heading north. The driver was moving east on Houston Street.

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