Police Commissioner Visits 7th Precinct

NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill at the 7th Precinct. Photo courtesy of the 7th Precinct/Mike Mowery.

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill at the 7th Precinct. Photso courtesy of the 7th Precinct/Mike Mowery.

There was a surprise guest last night at the monthly 7th Precinct Community Council meeting: Police Commissioner James O’Neill.

The commissioner has been making the rounds at precincts across the city, in support of his community policing initiative (coming to the Lower East Side in October).

He praised Deputy Inspector Steven Hellman, the precinct’s commanding officer, who was recently promoted from captain. O’Neill did have one complaint, remarking jokingly that it felt like about 105 degrees in the meeting room (it was, in fact, sweltering)!

O’Neill posed with officers receiving this month’s “Cop of the Month” awards.

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13 Women Arrested in Columbus Circle Protest Taken to 7th Precinct

Photo by Pat Arnow.

Photo by Pat Arnow.

Thirteen women arrested during protests at Columbus Circle yesterday were brought to the 7th Precinct on Pitt Street for processing. They were all taking part in a rally near the Trump Hotel on International Women’s Day / Day Without a Woman.

Local resident and photographer Pat Arnow was on the scene last night at about 10 p.m. as the last of the women, Sophie Ellman-Golan, was released. That’s Sophie’s mother, Rabbi Barat Ellman, on the right and Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour on the left. Sarsour was one of the 13 arrested for blocking traffic uptown. She was released earlier in the evening.

Upon their arrest, a message went up on the Women’s March Twitter account asking demonstrators to meet those arrested at the Lower East Side precinct.


Arnow said she asked a police officer why the protesters were brought down to the Lower East Side:

He said he didn’t know, since there are a lot of precincts where they could be booked between here and there (Columbus Circle). He suggested that it might be that this out-of-the-way police station was chosen in the hopes of keeping the number of protesters down. It might have worked but still, some intrepid people waited for the more than seven hours for all those who had engaged in civil disobedience to be released.

More from Time Magazine on the scene inside the station house:

The 13 women were kept two to a cell. They sang “We Shall Overcome” and “This Little Light of Mine” and gospel songs up and down the corridors of the NYPD’s 7th precinct in downtown Manhattan. “We checked on each other,” said (Tamika) Mallory, the first of the 13 to be released. “The goal is to show young girls and women that their voice is their power,” said (Carmen) Perez after her release. “The fact that we’re able to inspire so many other women out here in the world is truly an honor.” Perez joked that the detained activists spent their time behind bars “plotting the next big action” and said the detained activists were cold, hungry, and tired after their ordeal.

Photo by The Lo-Down.

Photo by The Lo-Down.

Photos by Carol Anastasio.

Photos by Carol Anastasio.

Ellman-Golan’s mother was arrested about three weeks ago while protesting Donald Trump’s travel ban. Rabbi Ellman, waiting outside the precinct said of her daughter, “I’m incredibly proud of her… Her activism has encouraged my more recent activism… Were a mother-daughter arrestee team.”

Here’s one more photo from Pat Arnow. A driving dog kept people entertained on Pitt Street last night:

Dog drives by protesters

Hit-and-Run Truck Driver Strikes Pedestrian on Allen Street

Allen Street and Division Street.

Allen Street and Division Street.

Police officers are on the scene at the intersection of East Broadway and Division streets today, where a pedestrian was badly hurt by a hit-and-run driver.

Police say a truck driver struck a 67-year-old man, breaking both of his legs, before fleeing the scene. The victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.

There were no witnesses that investigators know about right now. They’re checking security camera video from the immediate area. As of a few minutes ago, Allen Street between East Broadway and Division streets was closed off to motorists. There was a pool of blood near the manhole in the uptown lanes. The 7th Precinct  is handling the case.

We’ll update this story when we have more details.

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