(Video) A Quick Bite at Bing Kitchen on Orchard Street

bing kitchen

Have you checked out Bing Kitchen on Orchard Street? The tiny restaurant (it’s really more of a takeout shop) opened over the summer, riding a wave of interest in jianbing, the crepe-like Chinese staple. We sent Emily Siegel of NYCity News Service over there to see what all the fuss is about. You can watch her video on our Facebook page. For the menu and other details, have a look at Bing Kitchen’s website.

Bing Kitchen is Open For Business at 71 Orchard St.

bing kitchen

If you walk along Orchard Street, just below Grand Street, you might have noticed new signage for Bing Kitchen, the Lower East Side’s latest specialty food shop.

It was last summer at about this time that The Cast, the longtime custom leather brand vacated the “hole-in-a-wall” space they’d carved out in the same building housing Zarin Fabrics (The Cast now shares a storefront across the street with the Great Frog).

Bing Kitchen is all about jianbing, the popular Chinese street food (a crispy pancake filled with all sorts of savory ingredients). There are two main offerings listed on the online menu, plus a monthly special. Options include the “Beijing Burrito,” which is stuffed with lettuce, cilantro and egg. The “Southern Comfort” is a fried chicken slaw bing. Also on the menu: Taiwanese fried chicken, sweet mung bean soup (chilled this time of year) and a selection of salads. You can have a look for yourself here.

Bing Kitchen is the brainchild of Aaron Gallentine and Clio Goodman, who got the idea after a month-long excursion in China. Goodman formerly ran Puddin’ on St. Mark’s Place.  The restaurant opens at 11 a.m. daily and closes around midnight.

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