Cops Release Photos of Suspect in Stabbing at East Broadway Bodega

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Here’s an update on the stabbing that happened Sunday afternoon at the Big Apple Grocery, 219 East Broadway.

Police have released photos of the suspect. As previously reported, a verbal argument broke out at around 5 p.m. between two women and a store employee over the price of a salad. The women came back with a male companion, who threw a trash can at the door, and began arguing with the employee. Things escalated quickly. The clerk was stabbed in the arm and rushed to Bellevue Hospital.

The suspect fled down Clinton Street. Today the 7th Precinct posted these photos on social media. Anyone with information is asked to call the Detective squad at 212-477-7671.

Photo by David Tufino/D"FUTINO Photography.

Photo by David Tufino/D”FUTINO Photography.

Employee Stabbed During Argument at East Broadway Bodega

Photo by David Tufino/D"FUTINO Photography.

Photo by David Tufino/D*TUFINO Photography.

An argument over the price of a salad led to a stabbing at the Big Apple Grocery, 219 East Broadway early this evening.

According to Channel 7, two women began quarreling with a clerk at around 5 p.m. They left the store, located on the corner of East Broadway and Clinton streets, and returned with a male companion. The man also exchanged words with the clerk and reportedly threw a trash can at the door.

Police say the male suspect got into a physical fight with the store employee, pulled out a sharp object and stabbed him in the arm. As you can see from these photos taken by David Tufino, there was a lot of blood on the floor of the deli.

The suspect fled the scene. The victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment.


Photo by Eric Diaz.

Photo by Eric Diaz.

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