Live at 11: Sexual Escapades at the Public Hotel

It is, of course, a story that the tabloids and local television stations found irresistible: guests of Ian Scharger’s new Public Hotel at 215 Chrystie St. having sex in full view of the neighbors. Now a local elected official is weighing in, demanding that Scharager address the concerns immediately.

Here’s the statement that came in late last night from City Council member Margaret Chin:

No one should be subjected to the graphic scenes described in today’s New York Post. I stand with the residents at 10 Stanton Street and neighboring buildings to express my total disgust over the behavior of the Public Hotel and its guests. These despicable actions are evidence of their total disregard for the children, parents and grandparents who live in this community. I join outraged residents to demand that the Public Hotel, and its principal, Ian Schrager, act immediately to address the concerns of the working families and seniors who call this neighborhood home.

The 28-story hotel with floor-to-ceiling windows is located right next door to 10 Stanton St., a Section 8 building. In fact, the hotel was built in the affordable housing complex’s former garden.

Here’s a sampling from yesterday’s tv coverage.

Channel 7:

The Lower East Side isn’t exactly known for keeping things tame, but residents on Stanton Street say what they’ve been putting up with lately is beyond edgy. The issues involve a swanky new hotel and the raucous happenings inside, including X-rated acts staring at local residents right through their windows.

Channel 4:

Some residents on the Lower East Side say they are fed up with what they call lewdness at a brand new hotel. Now, those people are fighting back. The Public Hotel opened in June right near a housing complex, and residents say they’ve seen guests having sex and being engaged in other lewd acts through the windows. “They’ve taken pictures,” one resident said. “They leave their blinds open. It’s getting ridiculous now.”

Channel 11:

Residents in an affordable housing building in the Lower East Side say a new hotel next door has been a bad neighbor – area residents are getting an unwanted peep show through the giant windows of the Public Hotel. “Tenants are looking out of their window and they see people in the nude, having sex,” Deborah Gonzalez told PIX11 News.

The hotel has declined to comment about the situation.


Petition Urges Ian Schrager to Turn out the Lights at Public Hotel

Photo by Tessa Huxley.

Photo by Tessa Huxley.

Ahead of its opening later in the spring, Ian Schrager’s Public Hotel is already annoying some of the neighbors. In the past week or so, a giant illuminated sign appeared on the top floors of the 28-story tower at 215 Chrystie St. It’s visible throughout the Lower East Side. Residents have started a petition, urging Schrager to, “turn out the lighted sign.” Here’s their plea made directly to the hotel/nightlife mogul:

Congratulations on your new Public Hotel on the Lower East Side. When you testified at Community Board 3 about the property, you talked about being a good neighbor and that you were a “downtown” person. Now you have lit up this neighborhood with your gigantic two-sided sign shining uptown and downtown. This is not art. It is advertising. This is not Vegas or Times Square. This is our home. We, the undersigned, ask that you turn out the lights and stop creating light pollution for your neighbors.

The Public Hotel will have 370 rooms and includes several restaurants from Jean-Georges Vongerichten. At the top of the glassy tower, Schrager has built 11 luxury apartments, which range in price from $4 million to $23.5 million. According to Streeteasy, all of the units are under contract except for one, a 1300 square foot 1-bedroom for $4 million.  The hotel was built on a parcel next to 10 Stanton St., a Section 8 affordable complex. The building site was once a tree-filled garden for the residents of 10 Stanton.

You can find the petition here.


Jean-Georges Vongerichten Teams Up With Ian Schrager For Public Hotel Nightlife Complex

Rendering: Chrystie Street view of Public Hotel at 215 Chrystie St.

Rendering: Chrystie Street view of Public Hotel at 215 Chrystie St.

Ian Schrager’s Public Hotel at 215 Chrystie St. will also be a luxe nightlife playground, boasting at least eight separate dining & entertaining spaces. This much is clear from plans filed with Community Board 3 ahead of next month’s liquor permit hearing. The complex, located in the former garden of an affordable housing development, will include two restaurants from famed chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

The venues detailed in application materials:

The Market & Coffee Bar, described as a “vibrant, modern-day, re-imagined canteen/market” from Vongerichten. It will be open from early morning until late at night, serving breakfast at all hours. According to the application, The Market will also feature “Lower East Side world famous ethnic specialties such as Matzo Ball soup, Knishes, Korean BBQ chicken, Nova Scotia lox and sturgeon.” [Ground floor, seating for 49, open until 4 a.m.]

Jean Georges Restaurant, Bar & Garden will feature pizzas from a wood-burning oven, pastas and other Italian specialties. There will also be a chef’s tasting table with a “farm-to-table” concept. [Ground floor, seating for 114, open until 4 a.m. There will also be a “back garden” seating 74 and, also open until 4 a.m.]

Hotel Bar on the 2nd floor (seating for 60).

Lobby Bar on the 2nd floor (seating for 82).

Meeting Rooms – 16th floor private space (seating for 190)

Bar Area on the 16th floor (seating for 64, open until 4 a.m.)

Bar Area on the 17th floor (seating for 72, open until 4 a.m.)

Arts Club Cellar & Sub-Cellar – Private event space, occasionally open to the public (seating for 166, open until 4 a.m.)

Rendering: terraces on the 16th and 17th floors.

Rendering: terraces on the 16th and 17th floors.

View from Bowery.

View from Bowery.

floorplan 1st floor

There will be a special meeting of Community Board 3’s State Liquor Authority Committee on April 11 to deal with all of the Public Hotel’s liquor applications. The tenant association at 10 Stanton St., the neighboring low-income housing complex, has been actively engaged with the development team on their plans. The meeting takes place in the community room at 10 Stanton St. at 6:30 p.m.

You can see the applications from Team Schrager below.


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