(Followup) East Broadway Construction Project Destabilizes Neighboring Building

201 east broadway

We have an update on the situation at 201 East Broadway, where construction of a seven story residential building yesterday damaged a neighboring building.

Here’s what we’ve been told this afternoon by a spokesperson for the Department of Buildings (DOB). City inspectors reported to the work site yesterday afternoon after excavation for the new building caused structural stability issues with the foundation of a four story tenement just to the east of the construction site.

DOB engineers concluded that the tenement, 205 East Broadway, was not in immediate danger of collapse. A full stop work order was placed on 201 East Broadway, the development site, and a full vacate order was imposed on 205 East Broadway, the neighboring building. The American Red Cross offered all of the residents relocation assistance, but they chose to make their own arrangements.

As we indicated this morning, the stop work order was partially rescinded so that the owners of both properties could bring contractors in for emergency stabilization repairs. The owner of 201 East Broadway may face fines and enforcement actions from the city, but no decisions have been made as of yet.

Developer Daniel Wise purchased the property for $8.5 million and is in the process of building modular apartments on the site. He has not responded to our request for comment about yesterday’s mishap. 205 East Broadway is an HDFC (Housing Development Fund Company) cooperative purchased by residents from the city in 1981, according to public records.

Construction Stopped at 201 East Broadway After Neighboring Tenement Damaged

201 East Broadway.

201 East Broadway.

Work has been temporarily stopped at 201 East Broadway, a residential construction site, after an apparent mishap damaged a neighboring building.

A spokesperson at the Department of Buildings told us a few moments ago that city inspectors are on the scene to assess the situation. The sidewalk in front of the work site has been blocked off; pedestrians are having to walk into the street to pass through the area. The Educational Alliance building is located just to the west of the site.

Developer Daniel Wise is in the early stages of building a seven story modular apartment building at 201-203 East Broadway, the former home of United Hebrew Community of New York. We first heard about the situation from Daisy Paez, a local resident (she also happens to be running for district leader on the Lower East Side). Paez spoke with Wise, who told her an eight foot section of the tenement just to the east of the construction site came off today, causing DOB to issue a stop work order. He said no one was in the building at the time the accident happened.

We have a call into Wise and are awaiting more details from the Department of Buildings.

UPDATE 6/15 A vacate order went up at the neighboring building, 205 East Broadway, last night. The initial complaint was referred to the Department of Buildings’ excavation unit. According to city records, a full stop work order was issued. It was then “partially rescinded” in order to “perform emergency stabilization work.”

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