LES Heritage Film Series Closes Out Season

The LES Heritage Film Series is closing out its season tomorrow evening at the Seward Park Library with a film from the Fulton Fish Market in 1955 and a compilation piece of amazing footage shot in and around Seward Park Library in three different time periods, starting in 1934!  Curator Sean Ferguson writes:

It might be hard to believe, but the historic Fulton Fish Market migrated away from Lower Manhattan more than five years ago.  In our final installment of the 2010-2011 LES Heritage Film Series, we will take a look back at the Fish Market as it was in the 1950s (sans the olfactorial sensations). We’ll be casting the rarely seen extended 23 minute reel for all to sea. All this on our very own scaled down silver screen. (Apologies, as I am sure I have overfished these waters.)

Seward Park Library Offers Urban Gardening For Teens

Garlic Scapes sprouting at the Seward Park Library's Urban Gardening Program for Teens

There’s a unique, FREE gardening program being offered for teens at the Seward Park Library right now.  The weekly, seven-month urban gardening program, “Gardening For a Green NYC,” is offered in conjunction with the Horticultural Society of New York. The program is currently seeking more participants (ages 12-18) for the spring season.  They write: From climate zones to hydropponics and carnivorous plants, learn the basics of gardening in NYC. Create a garden from the ground up with help from green space experts.

Seward Park Library to Present L.E.S. Heritage Film Series

Still of Robert De Niro in The Godfather: Part II via IMDb

The Seward Park Library is offering a new film series called the LES Heritage Film Series. They will be screening historical documentary and feature films that were shot on location in lower Manhattan, on the first Tuesday of every month.