More on Cafe Petisco’s Decision to Seek Full Liquor License

Cafe Petisco, 189 East Broadway.

The other day we noted that Cafe Petisco, the 5-year old neighborhood restaurant at 189 East Broadway, is applying for a full liquor license.  Right now customers can order beer and wine but no hard liquor.  Yesterday afternoon we spoke with Billy Choi, a manager at Petisco, who explained what the owners have in mind. The idea, he said, is not to set up a full-scale bar (the booze probably won’t event be visible) but to offer a few specialty drinks to go along with brunch and dinner offerings.

Cafe Petisco Seeks Full Liquor License

Cafe Petisco, 189 East Broadway.

Cafe Petisco, the Mediterranean-accented restaurant at 189 East Broadway, has applied for a full liquor license.  The popular neighborhood spot across from Seward Park already has a beer and wine permit, but next month the operators will ask Community Board 3 for an upgrade. The restaurant does a brisk breakfast, lunch and early dinner business, but is usually not very busy in the latter part of the evening.

Last summer, the owners of Eastwood, a bar opening soon at 221 East Broadway (a block east of Petisco) successfully won CB3 approval for a full liquor license in spite of opposition from some local residents and Primitive Christian Church.   The situation is a bit different this time around.  For one thing, Cafe Petisco is an established business, rather than a new venture.  Second, it’s a restaurant — not a bar.  We have a call into Petisco’s owners to find out more about their plans.