City Taking Possession of Former Firehouse on Broome St.

A chapter is ending in the history of 185 Broome St., a 1930s-era firehouse, as the city’s Seward Park redevelopment project looms.

Movie Props, Antiques For Sale on Broome Street

You may have noticed some new activity inside the old firehouse on Broome Street that was, until last year, being used as the headquarters for movie production supply business Angel Aerial.  From time to time, the company throws the big doors open to the public for a rummage sale of sorts.  This week there’s another one of those opportunities.

The merchandise spread across the entire building is not your average “garage sale” junk.  There’s antique furniture, offbeat housewares, movie props and various other odds and ends. Jim Miller, Angel Aerial’s owner, said he wants to clear the place out so the firehouse will be available  for film shoots. Several months ago, he moved the bulk of the supply business to Long Island City.  The building is managed by the city. It sits on a portion of the Seward Park Urban Renewal Area, so this might also be a good opportunity for you to have a look at a firehouse with a date with a bulldozer in the next few years.

The firehouse is located at 185 Broome (at Clinton). Miller is planning to keep the place open for shoppers between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. on most days (until the merchandise is gone).

Have a look at some of the items available for sale, after the jump.

Antiques and Movie Props Up for Grabs

Long-time Lower East Side company Angel Aerial recently relocated across the East River, but its former home at 185 Broome Street offers some interesting shopping this weekend.

The owner of Angel Aerial, Jim Miller, and his wife are selling old movie props, vintage furniture and an array of funky and functional house wares on Friday, Saturday and Sunday inside the former firehouse that was home to the movie production supply house for 15 years.

The firehouse, between Suffolk and Clinton streets, is filled with tables, chairs, armoires, sideboards, various framed artworks and garden decorations. Workers setting up this afternoon did not know the exact time of the sale’s start on Friday morning, but said it would run all day through Sunday. See more photos after the jump.

LES Businessman: Make SPURA a Soundstage

In the past four decades, generations of Lower East Side residents have grown accustomed to walking past the parking lots and abandoned buildings that make up the seven acre Seward Park Urban Renewal Area. But what most people don’t know is that there’s also a fairly sizable business operating out of an old firehouse on the SPURA site.