After Quiet Weekend Opening, Una Pizza Napoletano Officially Debuts Tonight


After months of hype, tonight’s the official opening of Una Pizza Napoletano on Orchard Street. But if you walked past the restaurant at 175 Orchard St. over the weekend, you know they were in “soft-open mode” for anyone willing to pay cash and to forego a glass of wine.

This evening’s Lower East Side debut marks the triumphant return to the neighborhood of Anthony Mangieri after a decade in San Francisco. He’s teamed up with hot-shot chefs Jeremiah Stone and Fabián von Hauske Valtierra of Contra and Wildair. Yes, they are building a mini-empire on Orchard Street.

We stopped by Saturday evening a little before 7. The 72-seat dining room was about three-quarters full. Mangieri was toiling away in a glass-enclosed work area, preparing his famous 12-inch Neapolitan pies (they’ll set you back $25 each). Stone and Von Hauske Valtierra are offering up small plates to complement the pizzas, as well as their natural wines and classic-inspired Italian desserts (we tried the tiramisu). The pizza is only serbed at the tables, while the rest of the menu is available at the bar.

For now, Una Pizza Napoletano is open from 5:30-11 p.m. The liquor license is not yet in hand, so the wine won’t be available for a few days.


Una Pizza Napoletana Could be Open in a Few Days


One of the most hotly anticipated new restaurants of the year is apparently about ready for its big reveal.

As you can see from the photo posted above, there’s a lot of activity inside 175 Orchard St., the future home of  Una Pizza Napoletana. According to Eater’s Spring/Summer preview, Anthony Mangieri’s pizzeria could open by the end of the week.

From 2004-2009, Una Pizza Napoletana was located in the East Village, where Mangieri attarcted a cult-like following. He’s been out in san Francisco for the past few years. Now Mangieri was teamed up with Jeremiah Stone and Fabián von Hauske Valtierra of Contra and Wildair.

While Mangieri will focus on what he does best, making perfect Neapolitan pies, Stone and Von Hauske Valtierra will offer a selection of small plates and Italian desserts. They will also offer natural wines from Italy.

UPDATE 4/24 Grub Street has more details about the big opening. Mangieri will be offering the same six pizza variations he’s always served, plus two new versions — a “salami-and-egg Apollonia and an arugula-strewn Ilaria.” In the past, Mangieri has only worked the pizza oven four nights a week. It’ll be six nights at the Lower East Side location. But pizza will only be served in the dining area, not at the bar. While Eater suggested  Una Pizza Napoletana could open late this week, Grub Street is predicting next week.