Soho House on the Lower East Side: Now Hiring, Interior Renderings, Spring Opening Planned

Ludlow House, 139 Ludlow St.

Ludlow House, 139 Ludlow St.

Three years after announcing its expansion on the Lower East Side, Soho House is almost ready to open a new outpost at 139 Ludlow St.

Ludlow House, the latest branch of the private members’ club, is aiming for a May debut in a former funeral home and manufacturing building. Renovations have been ongoing for many months. In the past couple of days, a job posting went up on Craigslist. “Open interviews” will be held at Soho House’s Meatpacking District headquarters tomorrow and Wednesday for positions in Ludlow’s House’s food service operation.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 6.50.09 AM

Oftentimes, new businesses coming to the neighborhood work through the Lower East Side Employment Network to hire locally. Back in 2013, Community Board 3 chose to reject Soho House’s liquor permit application (it got the permit through the State Liquor Authority anyway). As a result, there was no agreement for local hiring. (SEE AN UPDATE REGARDING THIS POINT BELOW). At the same time, we understand, a commitment to create an outpost of the Educational Alliance’s art school, did come to fruition. It will be located in the basement of the Ludlow Street building.

There’s now a website for Ludlow House, complete with information about the various gathering spaces and membership details.

Here’s a rendering of the “Living Room,” described as a “comfortable space for meeting and working with a breakfast bar.”

ludlow house/living room

“Lou’s Kitchen & Bar,” a “club bar with an open kitchen and all-day American-Italian menu.”

ludlow house/lou's kitchen & bar

The “Velvet Room & Dark Room,” which is a space for members’ events and a screening room.

velvet room & dark room

And “Ducked Up.” a “covered rooftop garden with a vegetarian Asian restaurant” which will also be “serving crispy duck.”

ludlow house/ducked up

Ludlow House will be Soho House’s 16th location. The club, which started in London, is in major expansion mode. The Hollywood Reporter had the scoop on its California plans this past Friday.

UPDATE 3/9 It turns out that Soho House did, in fact, reach out to the Lower East Side Employment Network. We’re told a conversation about using the organization to access qualified local job candidates began at the end of February.

Soho House Files Documents For Lower East Side Renovation

Preservation Groups File Application, Start Petition to Protect Soho House Building

More on Today’s Approval of Soho House’s LES Liquor License

As we reported earlier, Soho House has gotten the okay from the State Liquor Authority (SLA) to open a new club at 139 Ludlow St.  Here’s a more detailed account from today’s hearing at the SLA’s offices in Harlem.

Soho House Decision Day, Ludlow Landmark Application, Dwellers Drama (Updated)

The long wait for a decision from the State Liquor Authority (SLA) regarding Soho House, which  hopes to open a new club at 139 Ludlow St., is almost over. The SLA will finally take up the application tomorrow.

Soho House Takes Case For Lower East Side Club to State Liquor Authority August 8

Soho House faces an August 8th hearing on its controversial application to open a new club on the Lower East Side.

Followup: CB3 Says “No” to Soho House

139 Ludlow Street.  Photo courtesy: Soho House.

139 Ludlow Street. Photo courtesy: Soho House.

As we reported last night, Community Board 3 decided to oppose Soho House’s liquor license application at 139 Ludlow St, an abandoned commercial building.  The lengthy debate was very similar to the discussion that took place during last week’s committee meeting, so we won’t repeat the arguments made by supporters and opponents.  But there were a few new details and arguments worth passing along.

The vote was 25-10, with two abstentions (abstentions count as “no” votes, so the official tally was 25-12).  Soho House is now preparing to take its case to the State Liquor Authority.  Last night, supporters continued to make a case that the club would energize the local arts community, attract new daytime business to a struggling retail area and provide a supportive creative environment for its LES-based members.  Detractors, on the other hand, argued that the club would add to Ludlow Street’s nighttime congestion, disturb neighbors and serve as an agent of gentrification on a rapidly changing block.

CB3’s Full Board Rejects Soho House Liquor License Application

139 Ludlow St.

139 Ludlow Street

This evening, Community Board 3 voted to reject a request from Soho House to support a liquor license at 139 Ludlow St., where the private members’ club hopes to establish an outpost on the Lower East Side.  A resolution drafted by the SLA Committee last week opposing the liquor permit was backed by 25 members; 1o voted against the resolution; 2 abstained. Around a dozen community members were absent.

There was lengthy testimony tonight from both supporters and opponents.  In the end, some CB3 members voted against Soho House, saying the exclusive club is wrong for the LES.  But most of the opposition appeared to come from board members concerned about the over-saturation of nightlife venues in the immediate area.  They were especially hesitant about a proposed roof deck, which would be only feet from the windows of some neighboring apartments.

Soho House now faces a hearing before the State Liquor Authority, which has the power to approve or reject the license. We’ll have a more detailed report tomorrow.

CB3 Panel Rejects Soho House Plan; Battle Continues Next Week


Soho House attorney Donald Bernstein (dress shirt, tie) stands alongside CEO Nick Jones and Pierre Dourneau, who’s overseeing the LES project.

Here’s our full wrap-up from Monday night’s contentious Community Board 3 hearing concerning a liquor license for Soho House, which hopes to open a new private members’ club at 139 Ludlow St. As previously reported, the committee decided to oppose the application before the State Liquor Authority, following a two hour debate.

Donald Bernstein, Soho House’s attorney, reviewed the plan for the new facility within a former funeral home just above Rivington Street. The building would have a capacity of 400, including a roof deck and bars on three levels. The new location, he said, would serve around 90 existing Soho House members in the neighborhood, as well as new members on the East Side. He argued that the business had been a “good operator” in the Meatpacking District, currently the club’s only Manhattan location.

Soho House Reps and Local Residents Discuss Lower East Side Plans

Soho House provided several images of 139 Ludlow in its CB3 application.

Soho House provided several images of 139 Ludlow in its CB3 application.

A few new developments today regarding Soho House’s controversial bid for a liquor license at 139 Ludlow St., where the private members’ club plans to open a Lower East Side branch.   Last night, representatives from the club met for about two hours with local residents, including members of the LES Dwellers group, a neighborhood association with strong reservations about the proposal. More on that in a moment.  The liquor permit application is now available on Community Board 3’s web site.  It will be considered May 20, when CB3’s SLA Committee meets.

Soho House Invites Community To Discuss Public Space, Screens Taylor Mead Films

139 Ludlow Street, the possible future home of Soho House on the Lower East Side.

139 Ludlow Street, the possible future home of Soho House on the Lower East Side.

Next month – May 20th to be exact – Soho House will finally go before Community Board 3’s SLA Committee, asking it to support a full bar within 139 Ludlow St., the former funeral home destined to be the private members’ club’s new location on the Lower East Side.  Having withdrawn from the agenda on two previous occasions, Soho House settled on a plan to establish a publicly accessible community space in the building.  Over the weekend, we heard from club representatives, who are hoping to engage people from the neighborhood this coming Wednesday evening about potential uses for that public area.

Soho House has held a series of informal open houses inside 139 Ludlow, but Wednesday’s session will be a bit more specific, focused on the things people would like to see in a public facility (a library, an arts space, a venue for talks and performances are ideas that have been floated).  The open house begins at 7:30 p.m., if you’re interested in attending. 

Soho House Schedules More Open Houses on the LES

139 Ludlow Street.

139 Ludlow Street.

A couple of weeks ago, Soho House decided to withdraw a liquor license application for 139 Ludlow Street, the private membership club’s new location on the Lower East Side.  After holding several open houses, and taking note of neighborhood opposition, they decided to take some more time to build community support before going before Community Board 3.  Today we have word of a new round of open house events inside the former funeral home. The first one is this coming Monday, April 8, from 7:30-9:30 p.m.  Similar events will take place (during the same hours) April 10. 15, 17 and 22 — as well as May 1 and 8.  According to an email, residents are encouraged to come by to ask questions and offer feedback.