Author Judith Shulevitz Explores “The Sabbath World” at Tenment Talks

Author Judith Shulevitz

Author and editor Judith Shulevitz (Slate, NY Times Book Review, The New Yorker) will be at the Tenement Museum tomorrow evening for the Tenement Talks series. Shulevitz will be discussing her highly praised book, The Sabbath World: Glimpses of a Different Order of Time. The book is an examination of the holy day of rest and an inquiry into its place in contemporary society.

Shulevitz notes on her website, “About a decade ago, I began to take a passionate interest in the Sabbath, the ancient weekly day of rest. I told myself that this was purely a matter of intellectual curiosity, but it wasn’t. My feelings were murkier than that.

David Mulkins Returns To Tenement Talks With Presentation on The Bowery

The Old Bowery - Image via Bowery Alliance of Neighbors

Historian and Co-Chair of the Bowery Alliance of Neighbors, David Mulkins, will return to Tenement Talks tonight with his popular presentation, “The Bowery: Past, Present and Future.”  Mulkins has collected an amazing series of historical images of this iconic and turbulent street. If you missed it last fall, (the event was packed beyond capacity) make sure to catch his talk tonight.  It’s especially relevant right now with the ongoing discussions around gentrifying the Bowery and the fight to save 35 Cooper Square.  FREE // 6:30pm // 108 Orchard St.

Ed Koch Comes to Tenement Talks

Ed Koch via

Writer Jonathan Soffer will be at the Tenement Museum tomorrow with the dynamic and divisive former mayor (and congressman), Ed Koch, as part of the Tenement Talks series. They will be discussing Soffer’s recent biography, Ed Koch and the Rebuilding of New York City, which focuses on Koch’s reign during the city’s bankruptcy of the 1970s and the recovery and crash of the 1980s.  Free // 6:30p // 108 Orchard Street.

The Real Story Behind the War for the New York Waterfront

Wednesday night’s Tenement Talk at the Tenement Museum will feature author Nathan Ward in a conversation about his recent book, Dark Harbor: The War for the New York Waterfront.  The book explores the true stories of murder and corruption on New York’s waterfront that were exposed by a famous New York Sun reporter in 1948, which in turn, led to the famous film, On the Waterfront. Ward will be joined by authors and historians, Kevin Baker, T.J. English, Jessica DuLong, and Pamela Talese. You can read Ward’s blog here. FREE // Wednesday, June 30th // 6:30pm // 108 Orchard Street.

Tenement Talks – Sweatshop Cinderella, A Real Life Rags to Riches Story From the L.E.S.

Photo of Anzia Yezierska from "Sweatshop Cinderella"

Filmmaker and historian Suzanne Wasserman will be at the Tenement Museum this evening for the museum’s Tenement Talks Series. Wasserman will screen her latest film, Sweatshop Cinderella, a short documentary about the fascinating life of the Jewish immigrant writer, Anzia Yezierska. Yezierska toiled in sweatshops on the Lower East Side by day and put herself through school at night, eventually becoming a well-known writer wooed by Hollywood during the golden age of silent film.  FREE // 6:30p // 108 Orchard St.

(Edible) Tenement Talks: Dumplings Made in NYC

Tomorrow night’s Tenement Talk, Dumplings: Made in NYC with Jayne Cohen, Tom Birchard & Kenny Lao Moderated by Wai Chu, is already making me hungry. Jayne Cohen, author of Jewish Holiday Cooking, Tom Birchard, owner of Veselka, and Kenny Lao (co-founder of Rickshaw Dumpling Cart) will talk with chef Wai Hon Chu about dumplings.  The edible part? Expect to find Rickshaw parked outside. // FREE // 6:30p // 108 Orchard St.