Streeets. Photo by Erin Rodriguez

DOT Spell Check

The DOT might want to double check their “streeet” signage on Ave. D, across from the NEST school.¬† Thanks to Erin Rodriguez for sending …

State Sen. Daniel Squadron (center) with State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney.

Elected Officials to MTA: Fix East Broadway Escalator Now

red light camera

Senator Squadron Asks For Red Light Camera Suggestions

At recent community meetings, some residents have been calling for more red light cameras at busy intersections on the Lower East Side. The request has …

Delancey and Pitt streets. Google maps.

Residents Call on City to Improve Safety at Delancey and Pitt Streets

A group of local residents say it’s time to do something about the dangerous conditions for pedestrians at the intersection of Delancey and Pitt streets. …

study area map

Public Invited to Comment on Bowery-Houston-Bleecker Traffic Issues Next Week

A public hearing is scheduled next week to gather public comments concerning the Department of Transportation’s plan to improve safety and traffic flow in a …

The Division Street Triangle Asphalt Proposal by Kim Sillen.

Division Street Triangle Public Art Contest Winner Announced

Artist and designer Kim Sillen has been chosen by the Lower East Side B.I.D. to be included in their Urban Art grant application to the …

pandora bus

CB3 Panel Asks City to Move Proposed East Broadway Bus Stop

Last night, Community Board 3′s transportation committee met to consider several new applications from intercity bus companies.

Yo! Bus stop at 2 Pike St.

Chinatown Bus Business: Is There a Saturation Point?

We have more now on the continuing struggle to control the interstate bus business in Chinatown and on the Lower East Side.

160 East Broadway.

Interstate Bus Stops Proposed at 160 East Broadway, 59 Canal

Four more bus permits will be considered by Community Board 3 in the coming month.

CB3 Wire: McWater Resigns, Yo! Bus Rejected, DL-Neighbor Meeting Encouraged

It was an eventful evening at Community Board 3′s monthly meeting last night:

David McWater, who was under fire for behavior at a recent committee …

Adventures in Intriguing Signage

Photo by Dyske Suematsu.

Spotted at Henry and Grand Streets.

Elizabeth Street bike share location.

Citi Bike Feedback Session: Requests for More Service, and Concerns

Business owners and local residents turned out to tell a subcommittee of Community Board 3 and the Department of Transporation’s Colleen Chattergoon what they think …

fung wah bus

In Defense of Fung Wah Bus Company

From The Lo-Down‘s inbox today: Reason¬†magazine has published an interesting read on the demise of Chinatown bus company Fung Wah, which was shut down by …

Tonight is Your Chance to Comment on Citi Bike

Suffolk and Stanton streets. Photo by Mike Brown.

Here’s a reminder for those readers who have something to say about Citi Bike’s presence in …

Lower East Sideways

From our cartoonist Evan Forsch, from our July/August print edition.