photo by The Lo-Down

Winter Amphitheater

photo by The Lo-Down

The East River Amphitheater was cold and quiet at dusk on evening last week. If you would like to share …

sunrise flight by Kari Jensen

Sunrise Flight Over the East River

Kicking off our new year on a peaceful note, Kari Jensen caught this sunrise flight over the East River.

Tompkins square fireworks rosemary dery

Happy New Year, Lower East Side!

Rosemary Dery caught some fireworks in Tompkins Square Park the other night.

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red winter sunset nyc by Susan Levinson

Red Winter Sunset on the East River

Susan Levinson caught the red, red sunset, on the East River, a few nights ago. If you would like to share a photo with …

Corlears Hook Park Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer in Corlears Hook Park

Some holiday cheer courtesy of Friends of Corlears Hook Park, after their tree-lighting festivities.


chinatown snowman 2020

Chinatown’s Giant Snowman Returns!

This week’s snowstorm meant a return of everyone’s favorite, Chinatown’s Giant Snowman. We missed him last year, because it was such a mild winter. …

WTC star light (1)

World Trade Center Spire Glows During the Day

Sunlight reflected off the WTC spire created a daytime starlight effect last week. Photo by Rachel Friedland.

morning commute joel avery

Morning Commute

Joel Avery @wait_for_steady_light shared this photo of his morning commute across the Williamsburg Bridge. If you would like to share a photo with The …

Thanksgiving Sunset by Amy Robinson

Thanksgiving Sunset at East River Park

Thanks to Amy Robinson for sending along this sunset photo from East River Park, Thanksgiving, 2020.

Seward Park Fountain by @archaicsoul

Last Leaves of Fall Covering the Seward Park Fountain

The Seward Park fountain, officially named The Schiff Fountain, covered in end-of-season Fall leaves, along Essex Street. Photo by @archaicsoul. You can read a …


Afternoon View on the Williamsburg Bridge

The gleaming November light, seen from the Williamsburg Bridge; photo by Tessa Huxley.

Mark Nazimova

The Williamsburg Bridge, Hiding in Morning Fog

This photo was submitted by Mark Nazimova. If you would like to share a photo with The Lo-Down, send us an email at …

Susan Levinson Sunset

Election Night Sunset on the Lower East Side

This was the sunset on election night, 2020, taken by Susan Levinson.

Elizabeth. Scaffidi Vote

A Reminder, On the Williamsburg Bridge

An evening photo by Elizabeth Scaffidi from The Williamsburg Bridge reminds us to vote. Early voting in NYC starts tomorrow, Oct. 24 and runs …

Grand Ferry Park by John Maher

A Misty View – Grand Ferry Park

John Maher sent along this moody picture of Grand Ferry Park, along the East River. If you would like to share a photo with …