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A Few Recent Photos From the Lower East Side and Chinatown


Pell Street, Friday Afternoon

Tessa Huxley took this photo Friday at 1 p.m. on Pell Street in Chinatown.


Magnolias in Bloom on the Lower East Side

Thanks to Andrea DiFiore for sending along these photos of Magnolias in bloom around East River Park. In spite of it all, it’s nice to …

Photo taken on March 19th, 2020. People creating space between each other.
-Kari Jensen, photographer

Coronavirus Update: People Standing Farther Apart in Public Groups

In the past week, some New Yorkers have begun to maintain larger personal space bubbles, in response to the coronavirus outbreak. …


In Case You Missed the Message

FDR Drive, from just below East River Park.


Spring Comes to Clinton Street

Spring keeps springin’. Happy vernal equinox!


Coronavirus Update – Takeout and Delivery Options on the Lower East Side

We’re starting a list of places staying open for takeout and delivery. Our local spots are suffering and need your support more than ever. Many of the restaurants are offering discounted prices for takeout (to avoid delivery fees). Most of the restaurants are posting updates on Instagram. Many of the delivery services are now offering “no-contact delivery,” allowing for instructions on where to leave the order upon delivery. …

A little gem salad with herbs and a dijon vinaigrette, now at Bacaro. Photos courtesy of Bacaro.

Bacaro Debuts a New Menu

Some of us are riding out the coronavirus outbreak at home. Others are choosing to share a comforting meal with old friends at familiar neighborhood restaurants. If you’re in the latter category, you’ll want to know that a local favorite, Bacaro, has a new menu. …


Coronavirus Outbreak: Coping With Closures and Long Lines on the Lower East Side

The coronavirus outbreak has led to panic buying across New York, including here on the Lower East Side. You’ve seen the crazy lines and …

Early Spring Robin Schatell

Early Spring on Grand Street

The blossoms are making an early debut on Grand Street this year, after one of the warmest winters in history. Thanks to Robin Schatell for …


Chinatown Businesses Continue to Suffer Due to Coronavirus Misconceptions

According to the NYC Department of Health, there are now 76 confirmed cases of coronavirus in New York State and 11 in New York …


On Essex Street

A mostly intact section of old Orchard Street, shot from just below Grand Street.


This is What’s Happening at Community Board 3 in March

Don’t look now, but March is upon us. So here’s a first look at what’s coming up at Community Board 3 in the month …

Lowline rendering; courtesy of Raad Studio/James Ramsey.

Say So Long to the Lowline: Underground Park Proposal Goes Dormant

The Lowline, an audacious plan to create an underground park on the Lower East Side, made a big splash when it was first proposed in 2011. But it faded during the past couple of years without so much as a whimper. …

Photos by Roger Bultot.

(Photos) Chinatown Celebrates Year of the Rat with Lunar New Year Parade

Local photographer Roger Bultot shared some great photos from Sunday’s Lunar New Parade in Chinatown. It’s been a tough holiday season for the community, as unfounded fears about the new coronavirus have kept many people away from the neighborhood. …