Lower East Side Cactus and Succulent Society Announces Fundraising Pop Up

Photography courtesy of Brent Kerr @elbrento

Photography courtesy of Brent Kerr @elbrento

A fundraiser to open up a funky new community space in the Lower East Side has popped up at the Dover Street Market. The installation and temporary retail space heralds the creation of the Lower East Side Cactus and Succulent Society (LESCSS) as an official non-profit organization. You can chose from an assortment of over twenty specially curated cacti and succulents species, along with three exclusive tee-shirt styles, sold in-store and online.


LESCSS is envisioned as “a sanctuary that focuses on experimental art, environmentalism, conservationism, social justice, film, music and community. Surrounded by plants, one can experience lectures, workshops, screenings, performances, as well as take or teach classes for teens on a variety of topics…It will be a place for mentorship, self-empowerment, creative expression and the development of personal skills. The Center will be a place for the New York of now, and pave an inclusive way forward for the New York of the future.”

Founded by a group of New York creatives in 2019, LESCSS is a collective that shares an affinity for desert dwelling plants, noting, “Plants are the heart of the LESCSS but its foundation is community and a desire to create a sacred and intentional space for people of all ages to gather.”

You can follow them on Instagram here.