Seward Park Reopens After COVID-19 Closure (UPDATED)

Seward Park June 2020

UPDATE (06-22-20): The park jumped the gun a bit, over the weekend, but is now officially open.

UPDATE (06-20-20): The park was definitely open yesterday, but today looks to be closed again.

As part of the city’s phase 2 reopening, New Yorkers will once again be able to access playgrounds on Monday. At Seward Park (which is designated as a playground), locals were delighted to see the gates unlocked a little early. By midday, people were enjoying some quiet time on the benches and tree-lined paths, separated by at least six feet, of course.

Seward Park Library June 2020

Our friends at the Seward Park Conservancy note: “Seward Park is open as of today. It has been hard watching the garden grow from outside the fences, but that is over. Please go out and enjoy the park.” The basket ball courts, however, are not open yet.

Seward Park June 2020