Lower East Side Links

–A look at the battle between State Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou and challenger Grace Lee in the upcoming Democratic Primary. [Politico]

–U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney faces three left-leaning challengers as she defends her congressional seat. [NY1]

–Why is your local park still closed? Ask the governor. [The City]

–Cookbook author, and advocate for Chinatown preservation, Grace Young leads of tour of the endangered neighborhood. [NPR]

–Local activist Karlin Chan talks about the creation of Chinatown Block Watch. [PBS]

–Some people came out to party on St. Mark’s Place last night, apparently bored with social distancing guidelines. [Channel 7]

–Mikey Cole of Mikey Likes It in the East Village reflects on the times. [EV Grieve]

–Crystal Moselle’s “Betty” on HBO is about an all-female skate collective but several NYC locales, including the skate park on the Manhattan Bridge, are practically supporting characters. [Time Out]

–Take a trip beneath the elevated trains that were once such a prominent feature of the Lower East Side. [The Bowery Boys]