Lower East Side Links

–Police and social workers have had a difficult time piecing together the identities and life stories of the four homeless men murdered this past weekend in Chinatown. [New York Times]

–The Bowery Mission will hold a memorial service today (Thursday) at noon for the men. [Medium]

–The Department of Buildings has launched a PR campaign to educate people about illegally converted apartments, after units with 4 1/2 foot high ceilings were discovered on Henry Street. [Patch]

–A $60 million real estate transaction likely means the end of the B Bar on the Bowery and more large-scale development for the East Village. [EV Grieve]

–Richard Fortus of Guns N’ Roses bought his two bedroom apartment in the Seward Park Co-op in 2003 for $350,000. He’s now listed it for $1.19 million. [New York Post]

–In the style section: The old school clothing shops on Orchard Street can still be a source for “of-the-moment” fashions. [New York Times]