Lower East Side Links

–“How a garden for the poor became a playground for the rich.” The residents of a Section 8 building on Stanton Street try to adjust to life in the shadow of the Public Hotel. [New York Times]

–Opponents of three mega-projects in the Two Bridges area came out in force at a City Planning Commission meeting. At least one commissioner seemed skeptical of the developers’ claims that the projects won’t cause substantial displacement of low-income residents. [City Limits]

–If you weren’t one of the 100+ people to testify this week, you have until Oct. 29 to submit written testimony on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement. [DCP]

–The mayor’s photo op at the Wald Houses yesterday was meant to show that the city is committed to making sure NYCHA residents don’t go without heat this winter. The PR tour was not a success. [Channel 2]

–On a recent Monday night at Arlene’s Grocery, they tried to summon the ghost of Joey Ramone. [Gothamist]