Lower East Side Links

–While the Small Business Jobs Survival Act will finally get a City Council hearing this month, some activists are convinced City Council members will not stand up to real estate interests and vote for the pro-small business legislation [Indypendent].

-NYC Ferry is popular but pricey. “For the past two fiscal years combined, the per-rider cost to the city was $8.96.” [Crain’s]

–People living in Steve Croman’s buildings have until Nov. 4 to file for restitution. [Curbed]

–Fencing has gone up ahead of renovations at Tompkins Square Park. [EV Grieve]

–At Arlene’s Grovery tonight, there will be an effort to contact the ghost of Joey Ramone, using “static electricity sensors, vibration sensors (and an) analog audio recording.” [AMNY]

–Lower East Side Pickle Day is coming up on Sunday! [Facebook]