Lower East Side Links

–Marx Realty picks up 135 Bowery and 161 Bowery for $48.5 million. [Globe St.]

–“The Rollins” at Essex Crossing is reportedly fully leased, and “people are super excited.” [Curbed]

–The Kenmare Little Italy Loop Coalition is protesting the MTA’s plan to send hundreds of buses through downtown neighborhoods as part of the L Train mitigation plan. [NY1]

–The Johannes Vogt Gallery leaves the Lower East Side for Madison Avenue as other local gallery owners fret about slumping foot traffic and escalating rents. [Art News]

–An update on the medical status of popular local restauranteur Jimmy Carbone. [EV Grieve]

–“How Aicha Cherif spends her Sundays.” The student activist lives with her grandparents on the Lower East Side and works with a non-profit that helps immigrants who can’t vote participate in the political process. [New York Times]

–This food blogger wasn’t so impressed with Randall’s Barbecue. [Gothamist]