Lower East Side Links

–Target will open it’s new store on East 14th Street July 21. While it isn’t mentioned in this article, a spokesperson for Essex Crossing said to expect the target outpost in the Lower East Side project to debut by “late summer.” [Curbed]

–What did Shelly Silver really do for the real estate industry after he began receiving legal referral fees? Here’s a deep dive. [The Chief]

–At least one editorial board was disappointed in Sheldon Silver’s guilty verdict. [The Jewish Press]

–A report from the Brooklyn l Train town hall. [Gothamist]

–The gentrification of Canal Street: “Replace some of the tourists with Brooklyn hipsters (who also wear fanny packs — but ironically), and there you have it: If Canal Street’s newest neighbors are any indication, this is a picture of its future.” [New York Times]