Leader of Gun Smuggling Ring Sentenced; Chinatown Buses Used to Transport Weapons

Quincy Adams.

Quincy Adams.

One of the leaders of an illegal gun running operation that used Chinatown buses to transport weapons from southern states has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

A judge in Brooklyn slapped Quincy Adams with the stiff sentence on Friday after a month-long trial. He was charged with four counts of “criminal sale of a firearm.” Back in 2014, eight people were arrested and more than 70 guns seized as a result of “Operation Midnight Run,” a joint investigation by the New York State Attorney General and the NYPD. Authorities said those arrested purchased weapons at gun shows in Florida and stashed them aboard discount bus carriers bound for Manhattan’s Chinatown.

In a statement, Attorney general Eric Schneiderman said, “Gun trafficking rings drive the gun violence epidemic that is destroying lives in New York and across the country… Even as we work to make our own communities safer, our efforts are undermined by illegal guns that pour in from other states with weak laws. If you traffic deadly, illegal weapons into New York, we will catch you – and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.”

Five other defendants pleased guilty to various gun charges. Their sentences ranged from just over a year to 15 years.