Plane Carrying Children, Longtime Partner of Lowline Co-Founder Missing in the Bahamas

Jennifer Blumin. Photo via The Lowline's Twitter feed.

Jennifer Blumin. Photo via The Lowline’s Twitter feed.

A small plane carrying the young children and longtime partner of Lowline co-founder James Ramsey is missing in the Bahamas. Searchers have found a debris field near where the plane was last heard from.

40-year-old Jennifer Blumin, a well-known event planner, was heading to Florida from Puerto Rico after a Mother’s Day celebration when the plane disappeared from radar. The Coast Guard has not confirmed whether the debris is from the missing aircraft and a search for survivors is ongoing.

Also on board were Blumin’s 3 and 4 year-old sons, as well as Nathan Ulrich, a New Hampshire inventor. Ramsey, creator of the proposed Lowline underground park, is the father of the two toddlers. In the early years of the Lowline (beginning in 2011), Blumin was heavily involved (she formerly served on the board of directors).

We’ll have more details as they become available.