Get Ready for Summer Camp 2017, Sponsored by Evolution Enrichment Center

Evolution STEAM Camp 2017

Summer vacation does not have to be a summer slide. During 9 weeks from 07/03 – 09/1, students will be invited to explore, question, and develop thinking strategies to help them problem solve with the help of the prior knowledge! They will predict, reason, and visualize with the help of auditory cues and read-aloud sessions.

Evolution Enrichment Center welcomes you to a summer camp that will be enriching, refreshing, and stimulating for students that want to learn with all their senses and a whole-body experience. We want to expand the imagination of our young learners, and take them on a life-changing journey over the course of 9 weeks! We will be identifying relationships in every day tools, classifying objects, and learning to think outside of the box.

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