City Denies Permit For Yep Tours at 2 Pike St., as Crackdown Continues in Chinatown

Forsyth Street at East Broadway, Feb. 2. Photo by bialystoker_les.

Forsyth Street at East Broadway, Feb. 2. Photo by bialystoker_les.

New York City law enforcement authorities have been cracking down on Yep Tours, an intercity bus company operating illegally from the eastern end of Chinatown. Now the city’s Department of Transportation has delivered another blow to the Massachusetts-based carrier.

Once again last night, the NYC Sheriff was on the scene in the area near the Manhattan Bridge. In recent weeks, the cops have seized at least a half-dozen buses because Yep has failed to pay hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in fines for loading passengers without a permit.

Now Community Board 3 District Manager Susan Stetzer tells us the DOT has rejected an application for a permit at 2 Pike St. A DOT spokesperson confirms the denial.

During the fall, CB3 passed a strongly worded resolution opposing the application. The board, and members of the SPaCE Block Association, argued that the company should not be rewarded for violating city regulations.

A 2012 state law, pushed by State Sen. Daniel Squadron, set up a permit system for intercity buses, requiring operators to obtain permits and to load in designated areas. Enforcement has been a struggle, but authorities now appear to be making some headway.