(Sponsored) Pre-K Students Hold Community Bake Sale to Benefit Children in Need


Evolution Enrichment Center PreK students recently decided to host a bake sale as a service project to help homeless children on the Lower East Side. They baked cookies, muffins, cakes and other yummy goodies. They truly enjoyed creating invitations which they handed out to the community, led by their teachers. The students also enjoyed baking and selling the baked goods to the community of parents at Evolution Enrichment Center and other supporters.


While working on the project, they continued to build their counting skills, taking turns measuring and working the cash register. In addition, they had a good lesson in how to be kind, show empathy, and learned how it feels to be a part of a collaborative project for the community.


This project helped embrace the class as one. They raised over $250 that will benefit five children in the community and felt a sense of pride as a result of their hard work. Good job PreK students!

evolution bake sale

With questions how to support more children in need on the Lower East Side of NYC, please send your request to:  nonprofitny@gmail.com.


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