Pier 42 Community Day Coming Up on Saturday

pier 42

There’s a chance to give a section of Pier 42 a little TLC this coming weekend.

Plans to create a new park on the pier, located just above Montgomery street, have now been pushed off until 2017. This means at least one more year of interim programming by a local coalition known as Paths to Pier 42.

“It’s My Pier Day” will be held Saturday from 2-6 p.m. The first event of the summer 2016 season will include general cleanup, painting of benches and picnic tables, planting, weeding mulching, etc. Also you can learn hang out with street artist Chico and local teens, who are creating another mural in their series saluting local community leaders. More info available here.

Earlier this month, State Sen. Daniel Squadron announced that the Economic Development Corp. had allocated $50,000 for continued cultural programming at Pier 42.