Lowlife Closes at 178 Stanton St. After Six Months

Interior of Lowlife on Stanton Street. Image via the restaurant's website.

Interior of Lowlife on Stanton Street. Image via the restaurant’s website.

Lowlife, the high-end restaurant at 178 Stanton St., appears to be the latest victim of a cursed commercial space.

Eater reports that the ambitious six-month-old business closed on Friday. Alex Leonard and Hugh Crickmore opened the restaurant in November of last year. According to the story:

The restaurant’s sudden closure came as a surprise to staff, but the source (who requested anonymity due to ongoing legal matters) says its investors — who had little previous hospitality experience — might have been rattled by unexpected costs, as well as the slow process of turning a profit with 60 seats in an out-of-the-way downtown location.

In March, Pete Wells of the New York Times gave Lowlife a one-star review, criticizing the restaurant’s pretentiousness and outrageous prices:

When I think about the best parts of this restaurant… I want to shake (Leonard and Crickmore’s) hands. When I remember how much money I’ve spent there and how bizarrely pretentious the service can be, not just for the Lower East Side but for any neighborhood, I want to shake them by the shoulders until they come to their senses.

The previous occupant of 178 Stanton’s ground floor space, Stanton Street Kitchen, lasted less than a year. The Moldy Fig, a Jazz club, also tried to make a go of it here. The location, east of Clinton Street, is a challenging one for any business, even a destination restaurant with stellar reviews.