Landlord Robbed of $13,000 at 38 Jefferson St.

Google maps.

Google maps.

According to the Post, a Lower East Side building owner was robbed of $13,000 when he went to collect monthly rent yesterday morning.

Steve Ventis showed up at 38 Jefferson St. (between Madison and Henry streets) at around 7 a.m. He comes to the building at the same time every month:

At around 7:30 a.m., he heard people coming down the building’s stairs. “I didn’t pay them no mind. I thought they were trying to pay rent or something,” he said. “I was looking down at my rent book and these two guys caught me off guard.” The armed men, who were wearing ski masks and speaking in Chinese, punched him in the face and pointed a handgun at his fanny pack that had half of the building’s rent in it.

Cops were checking the area for security camera in hopes of retrieving photos of the suspects.

2 comments to Landlord Robbed of $13,000 at 38 Jefferson St.

  • SAM

    Why is the landlord accepting cash for rent instead of checks? Ohhhhh, I know why. Never mind.

  • Donald William Iannotti

    who collect cash rent these days… sounds like a drug deal gone bad! #justsayin’ This was preventable with a bank account!