LES Bites: Katz’s Deli Brooklyn Expansion?, Praise for Gaia, Amanda Cohen’s Fair Pay Crusade

Katz's Deli.

Katz’s Deli.

Today’s Lower East Side food/restaurant headlines:

Could Katz’s Deli open a new location at Dekalb Market Hall in Brooklyn? The developers say “yes,” but Katz’s co-owner Jake Dell tells Eater no decisions have been made just yet.

The New Yorker’s “Table for Two” column features Gaia Italian Cafe, perhaps the best bargain on the Lower East Side. “The café is less a restaurant,” Sylvia Killingsworth writes, “than (Gaia) Bagnasacco’s kitchen, and she rightly commands your respect.”

Amanda Cohen of Lower East Side restaurant, Dirt Candy, testifies before a state panel on the value of eliminating tipping and paying workers a fair wage.

EV Grieve reports that Tompkins Square Bagels is opening up another location on 2nd Avenue.