Ice & Vice Opens at 221 East Broadway on Friday

ice and vice

Ice & Vice, the new ice cream shop at 221 East Broadway, is announcing its debut via social media. According to the graphic that’s gone up in the last day, the retail shop and production facility will open for business this coming Friday.

As we reported in March, Paul Kim and Ken Lo took over the space formerly occupied by Pushcart Coffee. They have been making the rounds at food fairs throughout the city, but this is their first brick-and-mortar location.

2 comments to Ice & Vice Opens at 221 East Broadway on Friday

  • david

    Interesting name, not sure what the vice means. Looks like a nice buildout of the store.

  • Micah

    An LES throwback thing? The “vice” is the heroin they have behind the counter for customers with the right password?

    (No, I am not serious. I assume it actually is meant to suggest that their ice cream is so good it is sinful.)