Squadron Asks NYPD to Begin Enforcing Law Aimed at Problem Bars

State Sen. Daniel Squadron.

State Sen. Daniel Squadron.

In 2010, State Sen. Daniel Squadron sponsored legislation intended to make it easier for the state to take action against problem bars and clubs. Signed by the governor that summer, the measure established a clear legal standard – six incidents reported by the police in a 60 day period – to determine when an establishment has become a “focal point” for law enforcement.  Five years later, it’s clear police precincts are not fully utilizing the law.  So now Squadron and other elected officials are asking the NYPD to do something about that.

In a letter to Police Commissioner William Bratton, they wrote:

We write regarding the enforcement of a law meant to address non-criminal complaints emanating from liquor licensed establishments (the “6 in 60” law). Based on concerns brought up by our local community boards and constituents, we are concerned that the NYPD currently may not be enforcing this law appropriately… We appreciate that NYPD personnel met with us to open a dialogue to address enforcement issues. We are requesting your help to schedule a follow-up meeting to tackle this problem systematically… (T)here have been previous attempts to proactively address the implementation of this quality-of-life tool. We hope that we can count on the NYPD as a partner as we move forward. The “6 in 60” law is meant to identify the small number of establishments that are a persistent problem while balancing the needs of residents and small businesses.

The State Liquor Authority endorsed the legislation when it was approved in Albany. You can see the full text of the law here.  Elected officials co-signing the letter included: Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, State Sen Brad Hoylman, Assembly member Deborah Glick, Assembly member Brian Kavanagh, Assembly member Sheldon Silver, City Council member Margaret Chin and City Council member Rosie Mendez.