Community Board Panel Wants City to Make Pedestrian Safety Improvements Around P.S. 110

P.S. 110, Cannon Street.

P.S. 110, Cannon Street.

Earlier this week, Community Board 3’s transportation committee passed a resolution asking the city to look at making safety improvements in the area around P.S. 110.

Chad Marlow, a community board member and P.S. 110 parent, made a presentation before the committee Wednesday night. The school is bounded by Delancey, Cannon, Broome and Lewis streets. Cannon and Broome essentially act as service roads used by people parking cars on the streets and by maintenance crews at the Hillman Cooperative, a residential building adjacent to the school. Marlow said there have been several “close calls” in which students making their way to and from the school have almost been struck by vehicles.

Broome Street at Cannon Street.

Broome Street at Cannon Street.

He urged the city’s Department of Transportation to study various safety measures. The draft resolution asked the city to consider turning one or more of the service roads into a pedestrian-only plaza, banning car traffic on the roads while school is in session and eliminating parking on Broome and Cannon streets alongside the school. A petition in support of the safety initiative was signed by 205 people. The resolution noted that there’s ample parking in the area, including on Delancey Street and in a nearby parking garage.

A DOT representative, Colleen Chattergoon, said someone from the agency’s school safety division could visit P.S. 110, examine the area and look at what safety improvements might be appropriate. The full board will be asked to sign off on the resolution Feb. 24.

4 comments to Community Board Panel Wants City to Make Pedestrian Safety Improvements Around P.S. 110

  • david

    Yeah, free parking for some on that street.

  • gemel

    Parking here is important since it is safer than on Delancey and not everyone can afford to pay garage rates. There are many people in these houses and few parking spaces.

  • RoBow

    Can’t wait for Essex Crossing. Delancey is already beyond dangerous, so let’s add a bunch more density, stir and poor over ice, until more people are killed. Who’s doin’ the City planning here? Or rather, is anyone?

  • Micah

    Cannon and Broome are private property of the Hillman Co-op (although there is some sort of easement that allows the public to use them).