Burglar Climbs Through Air Duct, Swipes $5,000 From Fine Fare

fine fare burglary

Police are trying to find a man who crawled through the air conditioning ducts at the Fine Fare Supermarket on Clinton Street and stole $5,000. We’re told by the 7th Precinct that the burglary happened during the first week of January. According to the NYPD, the suspect accessed the ducts from the roof of the building at 175 Clinton St. and climbed into a locked second floor office. Surveillance footage showed him wearing gloves and a large waist-length jacket. If you have any information about this crime, call one of the numbers listed above.

fine fare

4 comments to Burglar Climbs Through Air Duct, Swipes $5,000 From Fine Fare

  • Adam D Wolf

    Finally! Someone rips off the supermarket that has been ripping off this community for years!!

  • Jacob ("we are the 99%") K.

    That’s just nasty

  • Jacob ("we are the 99%") K.

    Sounds like an inside job. Remember it’s the same Fine Fare where customers’ credit cards got double-swiped (read their numbers were stolen). I guess there’s never just one cockroach in the kitchen… Are they doing background checks on their employees?

  • ABetterLES

    Please, this place needs to be shut down and replaced with something like Trader Joe’s with its high quality products, great variety, and reasonable prices (unlike Whole Foods).

    Hey, how about the TwoBridges Neighborhood Association finally working for the community by getting a new supermarket rather than wasting lots of money and time on their silly neighborhood food map and tour!