Gulick Park Reconstruction Fully Funded, Thanks to $1 Million Grant

Luther Gulick Park, Willett Street.

Luther Gulick Park, Willett Street.

The long awaited restoration of Luther Gulick Park, the neglected public space at Willett and Delancey streets, is now fully funded. The Friends of Gulick Park announced today that they have been awarded $1 million from State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.  Earlier this year, Silver helped facilitate a $2.5 million grant from the state Department of Transportation. The organization had already secured about $3 million from other elected officials.

There’s been a five year campaign, including public visioning sessions, for the park’s resurgence.  Here’s a diagram showing the Parks Department design for Luther Gulick:


Originally, the city said it would cost $6 million to complete the job.  Now there’s a surplus, which could potentially be used as a down payment for a bathroom building that could be built at some point in the future. Construction at the park could get underway by next fall.