Starting April 1, Zafis Offers Dinner Service Until 9 p.m.

Zafis Luncheaonette, 500 Grand St.

Zafis Luncheonette, 500 Grand St.

A quick note regarding a favorite Lower East Side diner. Zafis, the 37-year-old restaurant at 500 Grand St., is extending its hours starting the first of April. Right now, Zafis closes at 6 p.m., but co-owner Mike Kekatos tells us they’ll be launching dinner on the busiest nights of the week.  Wednesday through Saturday, the diner will offer delivery and in-restaurant dining until 9 p.m.

For awhile, Kekatos said he was thinking about opening up a second location in the old Noah’s Ark space three blocks to the east on Grand Street. But it would have been a huge undertaking, and ultimately Kekatos decided against the much more expensive space. So now, the idea is to grow the business in its current location. In the past year, Seamless has been a real boon to the diner. They’re getting delivery orders from addresses pretty far removed from the restaurant, located at Grand and Columbia streets.

Zafis was one of the classic diners we featured in our April 2013 cover story.

Note: Zafis advertises in The Lo-Down’s print magazine.


2 comments to Starting April 1, Zafis Offers Dinner Service Until 9 p.m.

  • Jack Slater

    Good news I go there often for the breakfast specials and now I will try out their dinner specials…

  • Joseph Hanania

    I always enjoyed Zafi’s – a true cross-cultural neighborhood gathering spot. Then, about six months ago, they redid the place – better lights, decor, nice menu featuring photos of their dishes.. It is even livelier and more fun now – and their prices remain the same. Hopefully, some other food establishments on Grand St. will take notice that a well-run business can make a better profit, and up their game, too.