Bodega Owner on Grand Street Struck With Skateboard After Shoplifting Incident

Police say four suspects tried to swipe merchandise from a Lower East Side bodega and then attacked the owner when he tried to stop them.

Photos: NYPD.

Photos: NYPD.

The NYPD released these images from a surveillance camera.  According to WABC, he incident happened at about 5:30 p.m. on Friday at the Eastern Supermarket, 335 Grand St. (near Ludlow).  Police say four young men took some items and walked out the door; the 50 year owner went after them, but they struck him in the face with a skateboard and then ran off.  He was taken to New York-Downtown Hospital, treated and released.

If you can help locate the suspects, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

5 comments to Bodega Owner on Grand Street Struck With Skateboard After Shoplifting Incident

  • Really Unimpressed

    The Chinese owner of this 99-cent store was seriously injured, with his jaw broken and needing 4 metal plates in his head!

    These kinds of punks are wreaking havoc in all NYC’s Chinatowns – Flushing and Brooklyn, as well as here. They target the Chinese in NYC’s Chinatowns because these criminals have found a very defenseless population: Many Chinese speak no English at all, and if they are illegal aliens they are afraid to go to the police.

    Leaders of these Chinese communities need to wake-up and move to try to protect all 3 Chinatowns. Why haven’t they thought of starting an Asian version of The Guardian Angels? The NYPD will never be a sufficient presence in these neighborhoods. Something must be done!

  • Really Unimpressed

    I wonder why you removed my.comment

  • No one “removed” your comment. We didn’t realize it hadn’t been approved. Should be published now.

  • Chickstar

    The NYPD haven’t been a sufficient presence in any of the les low income areas, until a crime happens…what ever happened to foot patrol? It’s non-existent.

  • I think we need more street patrols by the NYPD,to prevent these crimes from happening.