Volunteers Needed For Restoration of Jackson Street Mural

Throughout the summer and early fall, an effort is underway to restore a large mural at Henry M. Jackson Playground.

mural volunteer

Photo courtesy: City Arts.

The Celebrating the Heroes of Our City mural was created in 2002, part of a large-scale community art project in response to the 9/11 attacks.  Over the years, the 210 foot-long mural has undergone some wear and tear.  So the City Arts organization and Walt Disney have come together to engage volunteers and people in the community to give it a face lift.

In a news release, City Arts Executive Director Tsipi Ben-Haim, said: “We are giving the children of the Lower East Side a chance to be heard, to paint their dreams of a better future on the wall of their neighborhood park. We hope it will stand as a constant reminder of people coming together for a great cause.”

The project will be going on through October at the playground, located at Henry and Jackson streets.  You can sign up to volunteer here.

1 comment to Volunteers Needed For Restoration of Jackson Street Mural

  • Joseph Hanania

    Even if it was chipping in places, I loved that mural. It was artistic and bright, and spoke to the imagination. I hope the restoration – or will they put up different images? – lives up to what the old mural was. An inspired addition to that playground wall.