Veggie Van Coming to Two Bridges Neighborhood

Six months after the Pathmark store closed on Cherry Street, the Manhattan Borough President has a plan: the Veggie Van.


Scott Stringer’s office is partnering with the Two Bridges Neighborhood Council and GrowNYC for a weekly service at the residential building alongside the Pathmark site.  Greenmarket provisions will be available for $10 per box. The program, which has been available in other communities designated as “food deserts,” commences July 11.

The residential and commercial project on the parcel where the vacant Pathmark store now sits is being developed by Extell Development, and is expected to include a supermarket, but the company has not released details about its plan.


4 comments to Veggie Van Coming to Two Bridges Neighborhood

  • alyce1213

    Do they really expect people to buy bags of produce without being able to choose what fruit or veggies they want? I wouldn’t. Lots of people have food allergies, sensitivities, dislikes, etc. I just don’t get the thinking behind this.

  • fipper

    This really won’t make much of a difference. They’re losing out on the people who works during the week, which I think are the people who can really afford this program in the area. Let’s see how long this will last…

  • Stephanie Venetsky

    This is pathetic. They close down a huge supermarket in an area that is already lacking in fresh produce and they expect this to fill the void. It’s insulting as well. I’m sure the priority are the luxury condos they’re building.

  • oh well

    what a pathetic joke. the alternative to having a viable grocery store is buying a ten dollar bag of whatever they want to give you. this is sad.