7-Eleven’s Signage on Grand Street

403 Grand St.,

403 Grand St.

If you haven’t walked past Grand Street (near Clinton) lately, here’s the new signage outside the 7-Eleven store poised to open in a commercial strip owned by the Seward Park Co-op.   Last month, 7-Eleven officials said they envisioned a late July opening. Co-op management had some say over the signage, which varies somewhat from location to location.


2 comments to 7-Eleven’s Signage on Grand Street

  • Really Unimpressed

    So ugly in its sterility! Like a TD Bank, or Duane Reade. A sad reminder that the neighborhood grows more boring with these types of stores.

  • Tunisia Riley

    Its really sad that the neighborhood would rather bring in another fast food place selling junk than open a family friendly establishment that could give families, kids and/or our teens a fun and safe place to go. This neighborhood has many kids and families that could use an indoor play space, arcade or gym type setting for playing sports.