Citi Bike Station: Fire Hazard?

Madison Street near Montgomery.

Madison Street near Montgomery.

TLD reader William sent along this photo from Madison Street, just east of Montgomery, where a new Citi Bike station popped up in the last couple of days, replacing another station that was located just a few steps away on Gouverneur Street.  He points out that the docks were placed right in front of a fire hydrant.  “If these were cars, there would be (parking) tickets all over,” he wrote.

4 comments to Citi Bike Station: Fire Hazard?

  • ChickaChicka

    …But. William, they are not cars, so you can easily get a hose to the hydrant still.

  • guest

    How stupid of DOT to put a huge bike rack in front of a hydrant!

  • fipper

    What i don’t understand is why don’t they move the station by that little triangular park on the corner of Montgomery and E. Broadway. That’s a dead corner. There’s no foot traffic through there, it’s not right next to a residential building and it’s not next to a hydrant.

    Also, even though getting a hose to the hydrant is no big deal through those racks, however, those racks may be in the way of screwing on/tightening/connecting the hose ONTO the hydrant during an emergency.

  • david

    What’s the big deal?